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PhotonLens is an AR smart glasses company working to transform the way we exercise,  play,  and experience our environment.  We believe that the future of fitness is fun and the future of gaming is active,  and we strive to bridge these worlds with spatial computing technology that captures the imagination of athletes and gamers. 

Photons are the first true augmented reality smart glasses for fitness and entertainment,  which respond to your movements and environment and projects anything and anyone into your field of vision. 

We combine artificial intelligence,  computer vision,  advanced senors,  haptics,  and material science to create a smart glasses that performs for the most demanding gamers and fitness enthusiasts. 

What We're Not

Photons is the first true augmented reality smart glasses for fitness and entertainment,  a spatial computer that adapts and responds to how you move.  Photons are not VR goggles.  While we love VR games and workouts,  AR is different,  and we think it’s more conducive to safe active gaming since you can still see your physical environment.

Photons are not glasses that just project health data you could easily gather from an inexpensive smartwatch.  Photons are not a tablet strapped to a bulky bike with crazy expensive class subscriptions.  Photons are not a glorified smart TV.  Photons are not any of these things. 

But Photons can do everything these machines offer: immerse you in interactive media,  tell you how hard you’re working,  demonstrate exercise technique,  and encourage you to push your limits.  Some people might say this is a hot take.  We just think it’s common sense.